Twila Mae’s Chicken Salad FAQs

what is the Shelf Life?

From the day our chicken salad is made, you have about 10 days to use it. We ship your chicken salad on the day it is made to ensure that you have between 7 and 8 days to enjoy it once it arrives. If you purchased a salad at a Farmers Market, or you placed and order for pickup at a Farmers Market, it’s made and packed the day before.

what type of Ingredients do you use?

Under each flavor you will see a complete list of ingredients minus our special blend of spices. If you have any special allergies, feel free to email us with a list of those allergies and we will double check. We do not use preservatives to make our chicken salad last longer.

What type of chicken do you use?

We use a combination of dark meat and white meat chicken. We find this provides the best flavor without compromising texture or quality. Dark meat has a richer flavor that really adds to the chicken salad. We use approximately 70% white meat and 30% dark meat.

How can I use the chicken salads?

Chicken salad can be used in so many ways! It makes a great sandwich on your favorite bread, a great lettuce wrap, even as an easy dip for celery, carrots, and crackers!

Can it be frozen?

Our chicken salad can be frozen if necessary. The texture will change once it’s been frozen. If it can be avoided, we do not recommend it.

Are you hiring?

Please give us a call! (239) 791-8063. During our high season, January-April we can use extra help!

Can you attend our farmers market? Do you attend my farmers market?

Please check out our locations page. We list every farmers market we attend there. If you don’t see yours listed, send us an email! We are always looking to add more farmers markets to our schedule, if possible.

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