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About Twila Mae’s Chicken Salad

Twila Mae’s Chicken Salad was started during the pandemic in 2020 by Landon and Katie Stevenson. We had just had our first daughter, Addison, when the world shut down. Our previous business basically came to a screeching halt and we had to find another means of income. What better way than by making comfort food for people to eat while they were stuck at home.

Twila Mae

About Our inspiration, Twila Mae Stevenson — Landon’s grandma

Throughout Landon’s childhood and even now into his adulthood, Grandma Twila was/is always cooking big meals for family and friends. She was/is able to share her love and passion for life through her cooking. Since Katie joined the family in 2012, she and Twila cook or bake together every chance they get – a tradition to this day!

Twila felt it’s all about cooking a good meal and satisfying someone’s hunger all while enriching their soul through food. That’s our hope in all of our chicken salad recipes.

Twila Mae’s Chicken Salads

We have created over 10 different recipes including six everyday flavors and several other seasonal salads. We’re always looking for inspiration from the people and flavors around us at Greater Fort Myers, Florida Farmers Markets.

All of our chicken is cooked in a secret spice blend. It adds flavor without compromising the quality of the chicken. Once you’ve had a bite you’ll understand why everyone loves it so much!

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